Super Lift 151

SUPERLIFT is the only mobile clothes hanger on the market to be fitted with a “power variator” for adapting to various lift requirements (changes of season) and an arm verticality regulator for adapting to various wardrobe depths.

The simple plastic guard covers a mechanism chiefly made of steel. It can also be wall-mounted using metal brackets.

The lift is returned to the top position by a hydraulic device operated with a specially designed fluid and is fixed directly into the “System 32” hole with fastening screws provided in the pack.

The plastic parts are in nylon reinforced with grey fiberglass, the vertical arms are in steel painted aluminium grey and the horizontal bar is in chromium plated steel.




Strong points
High and variable load capacity (from 14 to 20 Kg)
Adjustable arm verticality
Steel mechanism
Can be wall-mounted
Easily and fully fastened to “System 32” hole (no holes drilled in sides of wardrobe)
Hydraulic device not oil operated, which would stain clothes in the event of leakage
No bumpers required to soften the arm descent
Arms external to mechanism, avoiding scissor effect on clothing
Load capacity
Kg. 20


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