Extractable Drawer Box

Bi-Cassetto is the first drawer on the market to be mounted on one side only (left or right), enabling a drawer to be added easily to any type of wardrobe.

The robust aluminium runner, with three profiles sliding on ball bearings, pulls out fully and has a high load capacity. Its depth maximises the amount of usable space.

Each Bi-Cassetto has a lid and two internal containers of different depth. The plastic parts are in grey ABS, the runner is in silver anodized aluminium.

Fixes directly into the “System 32” hole with fastening screws provided in the pack.




Strong points
Modern, original design
Fastens to one side of the wardrobe
Drawer on single runner
Pulls out fully
High load capacity
Maximum use of space
Easily and fully fastened to “System 32” hole (no holes drilled in sides of wardrobe)
Load capacity
Kg. 8
Width: 39 cm

Height: cm

Depth: min. 53 cm. (closed) – max 106.50 cm (pulled out)

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